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An Industrial System for Growth

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The MMG Growth Method

A custom solution for your company is built using a 3 part framework. The output is a business development system designed to address your growth goals and challenges. The entire process takes 3-5 weeks from start to final report and technology implementation.

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The Framework

1. Discovery & Analysis

  • Review existing marketing and sales plans
  • Review existing marketing and sales processes
  • Review existing metrics from available sources; i.e. Google Analytics, Google AdWords, ERP quoting and success metrics, and other as available
  • Review past sales and marketing activities, successes, failures.
  • Target Market and Competition Workshop
  • Sweet Spot Topic Workshop
  • Value Proposition Workshop
  • Identify gaps between goals and plans/processes
  • Identify potential market/audience venues
  • Comprehensive report on analysis and workshop results

2. Strategic Plan

  • Custom twelve month plan based on findings in the Discovery & Analysis phase
  • Execute the plan with your own team, other resource, or MMG.

3. Technology Setup

  • Install technology to activate and measure plan execution
  • Optimize existing tech stack


What's in it for you and your company?

More Revenue & Higher Growth Rate

Typically, the data will show where we can get quick wins and fast results. Processes and measurement will lead to more revenue without a big investment.

Global Executive Level Experience

Do you ever wish you could get an assessment and advice from an experienced, global, been there, done that, industrial business development expert? You get that high level and high impact experience with the MMG Growth System. Bruce brings 25 years of experience and global industrial management and strategy to the table.

Sales Efficiency

Sales people spend more than 60% of their time NOT talking to prospects or customers. They spend it on admin or creating content. Improving that time increases the number of opportunities and reduces the sales cycle.

More Leads & Higher Conversions

All leads are not created equal and most leads are not tracked by incoming source or the end result. The Growth Plan provides the tools for improving quality and tracking where the leads come from and what happens to them.

Is the Growth System right for you?

We work with small and medium size B2B industrial companies looking for ways to increase growth or address poor revenue performance. If your business just isn't growing like it used to or you know there is potential for more growth but not sure where to start, this is for you.

Other examples:

  • You just launched a new product, but it's not meeting its full potential.
  • You're spending a lot of money on specific marketing tactics like trade shows, advertisements, or Adwords and aren't sure if it's working or not.
  • Your revenue growth is flat or not where you want it to be.
  • You feel like your business development process is just not optimized for growth.
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Past Results

471% Increase in new leads

Working with an electronics manufacturing company, we were able to immediately identify one conversion point that was unusually low. We were able to improve this conversion point from 0.6% to 3.4% causing a 471% increase in new leads.

Immediate 10% revenue lift

Working with an industrial conveyor manufacturing company, we were able to identify that the team was spending more than 50% of their working hours on administrative tasks and not talking to prospects. Sales immediately began to increase by an average of 10% per month .

Year-on-Year Revenue Increase 32%

Working with a measurement instrument manufacturer, we were able to identify a huge gap in the lead management process that was costing the company in lost opportunities and wasted marketing spend. We filled the gap by implementing strong service level agreements between sales and marketing. Year-on-year revenue increased 32%!

25% Revenue Increase with shorter cycle

Working with a precision metal fabrication company, we were able to reduce the average sales cycle time by 22%! The result was 25% increased growth over the previous year.